Kluebersynth VR 69-252 N

Kluebersynth VR 69-252 N

Klübersynth VR 69-252 N is a tailor-made, highly adhesive, light-colored lubricating grease based on fatty oil, calcium soap and PTFE. With a carefully selected combination of active substances, this lubricant offers very good performance and high functionality combined with a long service life.

Klübersynth VR 69-252 N clearly surpasses the load alternation requirement of 200,000 cycles at a closing force of 2.5 Nm and is therefore in full compliance with the European standard DIN EN 200. Klübersynth VR 69-252 N meets the new drinking water and plastics guideline (KTW) of the German Umweltbundesamt (Federal Environmental Agency) and conforms to the current French positive list for drinking water applications ACS. These benefits help meet all your requirements.

Klübersynth VR 69-252 N is used for the lubrication of all friction points in valves subject to mechanical loads and in some cases also for ceramic valves containing EPDM or NBR elastomers. Further applications are in locking and control valves such as plug or ball valves, flaps, slides or other valves, and in shower and heating valves and fittings. Klübersynth VR 69-252 N may normally also be used for the lubrication of seals whenever an EPDM-compatible grease is required that is approved for drinking water applications.


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